Classic French Challenge

The aim of the Classic French challenge is to explore and celebrate the joys of French patisserie. The original inspiration for the challenge came from reading the Larousse Gastronomique Desserts, Cakes and Pastries book. There is a section at the back of the book which details the basic techniques e.g. pastry, sauces etc that form the basis of many French desserts and pastries. Each month I will be selecting a technique or recipe at random which I will attempt to recreate and you are welcome to join me. You don't have to follow the recipes I pick up from Larousse but it would be nice to see how other people interpret the same recipe. I won't always be using the Larousse book every month but I will keep referring back to it as long as the challenge runs.

The challenge is currently taking a break as I am increasingly busy with thesis writing but it will return at some point during 2014. In the meantime feel free to browse any of the previous challenge entries, lots of lovely things have been made for this challenge over the past year.

Current challenge and past challenge round ups.

September 2013 challenge was tuiles - round up here

August 2013 challenge was chocolate fondants - round up here

July 2013 challenge was Eclairs - round up here

June 2013 challenge was French Fruit Tart - round up here

May 2013 challenge was Macarons - round up here

April 2013 challenge was Madeleines - round up here

March 2013 challenge was Brioche - round up here

February 2013 challenge was Chocolate ganache - round up here

January 2013 challenge was the Soufflé - round up here

December 2012 challenge was Buche de Noel - round up here

November 2012 challenge was Créme Brulée - round up here

October 2012 challenge was Tarte Tatin - round up here

September 2012 challenge was Choux Pastry - round up here

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  1. Missed the first six months but discovered this just in time for March! Looks like fun and a good chance to brush up on Classic French techniques.


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