Monday, 15 July 2013

Peach Melba Ice Cubes

So for anyone who hasn't noticed yet, it is very hot in much of the UK at the moment. I'm not a big fan of the heat and have largely been hiding away indoors whenever possible. On my way home from the office a few days ago when it was still stupidly hot at 7pm, all I could think about was eating an ice lolly or having an ice cold drink or anything that would help cool me down a little. I knew there wouldn't be much choice in the ice lolly department by the time I got the shop and I was right. So instead I bought a packet of frozen raspberries, cheaper than buying them fresh, and combined them in the blender with a tin of peaches from my cupboard and a splash of water. After sampling some of this icy smoothie, another good reason for buying the frozen berries, I started to cool down. The rest was frozen in silicone moulds, originally intended for baking mini cakes in, and I've found that a couple of these fruity ice cubes work very well in a vodka and tonic. Or in a glass of water just for a hint of summer fruit flavour. It would probably be a good idea to strain out the seeds as they do end up floating in the glass as the ice melts, however the heat made me lazy. If I owned an ice lolly mould then I would've made lollies instead. As it looks like this heat is sticking around for a while I will certainly be investing in one.

Vodka and tonic: I'm sure these would work well with gin too but I'm all out of gin, must get more!

To make around 50 of these ice cubes you need:

300g pack frozen raspberries
400g tinned peaches in juice
approx 100ml water
ice cube trays or novelty small hole silicone moulds

Blend everything together, including the juice from the tin until smooth, strain if you don't want seeds in your drinks, pour into moulds and freeze for at least an hour before popping a few in your preferred beverage. These are also nice for sucking on straight from the freezer for quick refreshment.

I'm going to link these up with Credit Crunch Munch as they are cheap, tasty way of keeping cool this summer. The challenge is run by Helen and Camilla and this month's host is Fishfingers For Tea.


  1. These look really pretty Jen and I bet they taste fab too! Thanks for linking up to Credit Crunch Munch:-)

  2. Will make these when my little granddaughter comes to visit


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