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Rhubarb & Ginger Tarte Tatin And A Review Of The Green Earth Pan

I recently reviewed an electric pepper grinder for Ozeri and they also asked me to try out their new non-stick Green Earth Pan, which just so happens to be a rather attractive shade of green. Some people are concerned that the chemicals used in many brands of non-stick pans may be harmful to health, but as long as the pans are not overheated then expert opinion is that they are perfectly safe to use. Fortunately if you have any concerns there are alternatives available such as this pan. It is a 20cm frying pan that uses a natural ceramic coating instead of the artificial chemicals more commonly used in non-stick pans. The pan is made up of layers of GREBLON ceramic coating with an aluminium core and also has a silicone coated oven-safe handle. So to test it out I decided to make a tarte tatin to really see how good the non-stick coating is and to take advantage of the oven-proof handle, something which I haven't owned before.

I found a nice simple recipe for a rhubarb tarte tatin from the Guardian website and swapped the orange zest, vanilla and star anise in the original recipe for 15g of sliced crystallised ginger, my favourite pairing with rhubarb. The recipe didn't specify which size pan to use so I ended up with some left over puff pastry which I used to make a few quick jam tarts with, I forgot to take a photo of these though. I bought a ready rolled sheet of puff pastry to make this tart, lazy I know but it was on special offer and sometimes I just don't feel like getting the rolling pin out.

The first step was to make the caramel, this was made with 150g caster sugar melted over a medium heat. I added the ginger and gave it a swirl just before removing from the heat to set.
Then add 400g washed and sliced rhubarb, somewhat haphazardly in this case but it all cooked through and it's only the bottom layer of rhubarb that is visible for the finished tart.
Top with the puff pastry and push down around the sides to completely encase the rhubarb then put the pan back on the heat to gently melt the caramel and then bake in a preheated oven at 200C for about 35 minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden. 

Ozeri are an established brand in the USA that began by supplying hotels with equipment and they are now looking to expand into the UK. A selection of their products including this grinder are available to buy from Amazon.
Turn out quickly onto a serving plate and cut into slices to serve

So what's the verdict on the pan? Well I think the results of the tart speaks volumes, it was delicious by the way, something I'll have to make again as it was so easy to do. The tart just slid straight out of the pan, no jiggling or any nonsense required. A small amount of the caramel did stick to the base of the pan, but this could have been because I was taking photos of the pastry before I turned the tart out. I just reheated the pan on the hob slightly until the caramel was liquid enough to be poured over the top of the tart. Another good feature of this pan is that sits flat on the hob rings without wobbling, this is something that has always annoyed me in the past with other small frying pans.

When it came to cleaning the pan, I poured in some boiling water just to dissolve the last few traces of caramel and then washing up was easy. No elbow grease required, just a sponge and some soapy water and it cleaned up beautifully. I'm looking forward to cooking plenty more dishes in this pan.

This Ozeri pan is available to buy from Amazon in the UK.

Disclaimer: I was sent this frying pan to review, as always all views and opinions are my own.

As I've cooked with rhubarb I'm going to link up with Simple and in Season

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  1. Fab Jen, you had much better luck with this than I did with my raw upside down cake. That pan looks really lovely too:-)

  2. What a gorgeous looking tart! ;-) hehe, great recipe, and great review as well!

  3. How delicious - I'd never thought of a tarte tatin with rhubarb but bet it works perfectly! I'm salivating...

  4. Oh this sounds fantastic! Yummy, yes please!


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