Monday, 24 June 2013

An Afternoon Of Cocktails & Olive Oil At Taste Of London

Last Friday I spent a few hours sampling some delicious cocktails, exquisite olive oils and wonderful gin. The lovely Maxine and Jonathan from Achica very kindly invited me to join them and a group of other bloggers at the Taste of London Festival in Regent's Park to try some of the products from the brands they sell via their food hall. I'm a music festival veteran but this was my first time at a foodie festival and we had typical festival weather of sunshine and the odd shower. 

Me on the far left enjoying my espresso martini with Nick from Tails taking centre stage

Me with my espresso martini again
Our first stop was to Tails Cocktails, a great way to start the afternoon whilst Nick from Tails was telling us all about the range of cocktails they sell. There are 4 flavours to choose from available in individual 150ml serving sizes or larger 500ml shakers which serve 4 people, perfect for a summer picnic or a good night in. Tails pride themselves on using the finest spirits and only natural ingredients in their premixed cocktails which allow anyone to serve the perfect cocktail every time. I tried the elderflower collins which was a very refreshing combination of gin, elderflower liquer, apple and lemon. I also tried the espresso martini which I could quite happily have drunk all day long as it was so smooth and beautifully presented topped with coffee beans.

The next stop was to visit Danilo Manco to taste extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The oils ranged from fresh young and grassy to bolder flavours including a basil flavoured oil which would go perfectly with a fresh tomato and mozarella salad. The balsamic vingegars were a revelation, such complex flavours. The white balsamic vinegar pictured below was sweet yet light. I also tried a mint flavoured vinegar which I could just imagine serving with roast lamb or drizzled over new potatoes. Finally we were offered a drop from a tiny corked bottle of aged vinegar that was thick and syrupy. It reminded me of black treacle and rich dark fruit cake, this one would have worked well with a good vanilla ice cream.

Finally our last stop of the day was at the Chase Distillery stand. Founded by the same family behind Tyrell's Crisps, the vodka is produced from potatoes grown on their farm, this makes it the only British potato vodka on the market. From this base they have created a range of flavours including a fruity rhubarb vodka and a marmalade vodka. Also a fantastic gin created from the potato vodka, apple vodka and a selection of 11 botanical ingredients to create a sharp yet fruity flavour.

Vodka and pretty pink rhubarb vodka

Thank you to Achica to inviting me to the festival, introducing me to new brands and bloggers and also for providing some of the photos for this post. As always all opinions are my own.

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