Thursday, 2 May 2013

Classic French Round Up - Madeleines

There seemed to be a bit of a sub theme with this month's entries, out of 7 entries, 4 people decided to use honey as the star ingredient. This is not something I've tried before but after seeing all the different variations I am going to be trying it out as I am a big fan of honey.

First up was Angela from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me with these chocolate and honey madeleines, for these some of the flour was swapped with cocoa powder and then the madeleines were brushed with honey. These sound perfect with an afternoon cuppa.


Next up are these amaretto flavoured madeleines  from Sinnesfreuden. This sounds like a wonderful combination, am now wondering which other liqueurs would work well, this could require some experimentation in the kitchen!


I went for mini madeleines for my entry using a silicone mould that Lakeland very kindly sent me. I used a chamomile teabag to flavour these mini chamomile madeleines. As they're so tiny so you can easily eat 3 or 4 without feeling guilty.  


The second honey entry here is from Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog who came up with a very inventive flavour combination which I am very intrigued by. These honey, thyme and white chocolate madeleines use thyme honey and fresh lemon thyme to give a herbal taste which I can imagine working really well. 


For this next entry we have a new convert to madeleines. Elizabeth from A Girl In Her Kitchen had not tried a madeleine before, but after making these honey madeleines she is now a convert especially as her children loved them. 

Gill from Tales of Pigling Bland didn't let the lack of a madeleine tin stop her from entering this month and she baked these honey and vanilla madeleine muffins. They were baked in a mini muffin tin and still look just as delicious. 


 Nicola from Cookies, Cakes and Bakes sent in these zesty lemon glazed madeleines. She bought a madeleine tin a few years ago but it had been hidden away in the cupboard until this challenge was announced. I'm very happy that she decided to bring it out and bake these for the challenge. 


Thank you to everybody who entered this month. Lots of lovely ideas and for those of you have been meaning to buy a madeleine tin but haven't gotten round to it yet, or have one lurking in a cupboard, I hope these entries inspire you to have a go. 

The challenge for May is being guest hosted by Victoria from A Kick At The Pantry Door so please head over to find out what she's chosen as the theme. 

If anybody else would like to guest host Classic French in the future please get in touch via Twitter or email, details on my contact page


  1. Gosh, more honey madeleines to try out :) Thanks for the theme and lovely round-up.

  2. All so pretty. Thanks for the lovely roundup and a great challenge. Looking forward to finding out what's next.

  3. Some lovely recipes especially like the sound of the lemon glazed ones - delicious!



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