Friday, 19 April 2013

Classic French Brioche Round Up

Big apologies due to everybody who entered the Classic French challenge last month, I am hideously late with this round up. April seems to be have been one of those months where time has just flown by. I can't believe it is the 19th already. I am so happy that so many of you took up the challenge as creating a brioche is a time consuming process as I discovered after setting the challenge, so congratulations to all of the entrants who found the time to bake.

First up was Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen with a chocolate chunk brioche that can be made in a bread machine. After receiving a swanky new bread maker for Christmas which had a specific brioche setting, she put it to good work creating these delicious looking rolls which include a sneaky dash of rum.


Xi from Bake To Your Heart's Content baked pain aux raisins using a brioche dough in order to recreate the pastries he recently sampled in Boston. I do enjoy a good pain aux raisin and with Xi's detailed instructions I think I will have to have a go myself. 

Claire from Under The Blue Gum Tree pulled out all the stops with this Bienstich or German Bee Sting Cake. Such a creative name for a cake. It's made with a brioche dough, filled with creme pattissiere and topped off with honey coated flaked almonds. Heavenly! 

Bienenstich via 

Next up was my entry, I went traditional and made the Parisian Brioche from Larousse Gastronomique. It took a long time but it was most definitely worth it, just try and ignore the fact that there are almost equal quantities of butter and flour! 


Karen from Lavender & Lovage decided to bake something a little bit different for Easter with these brioche style hot cross buns. A great way of updating a traditional recipe. 

Recipe: Traditional Hot Cross Buns for Easter in the style of Brioche!  

Gill from Tales Of Pigling Bland also went for chocolate in her brioche using the chocolate brioche recipe from the Rococo chocolate book. Not sure I need this book but I certainly want it! We were comparing notes on Twitter over proving times, she had a longer wait as this recipe take 2 days but as with all the best recipes it's always worth the extra time. 


Finally Ros who blogs at Roswensian. She also went for the Easter theme with this hot cross brioche but made it her own by baking all the buns together in a large tin. I think this makes it look like a big 'tear and share' hot cross bun, perfect for when people come round.  

Hot Cross Brioche 

A big thank you to everybody who found the time to enter. If you haven't seen the challenge for April yet then you can find it here


  1. Oh, time must really have flown by. I didn't even notice there was such a lovely challenge going on. At least everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.

  2. Mmmmm what a lovely selection of recipes. I want carbs now!

  3. So many great entries! I shamefully didn't get a chance to make mine in time... was cooking up a brioche/baileys/bread-and-butter-pud type masterpiece but sadly real life just got in the way... :-( it will definitely happen though - and you guys have all inspired me to get on an do it!
    The Pantry Door


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