Friday, 8 March 2013

Classic French Ganache Round Up

I wasn't sure when I'd get back into blogging, if you read my last post you'll know why I've not been around much lately. I'd like to say thank you to everyone for their kind comments especially as I've never met any of you in person. I have a backlog of posts that I had planned on writing over the past 2 weeks and they will gradually get written up but for now here's the round up of all the delicious looking entries for February's Classic French ganache challenge.

As I also hosted We Should Cocoa in February you may notice a few familiar posts from that round up as well.

First up were these adorable little chocolate and ginger tarts from Laura Loves Cakes topped with a little edible gold leaf to make them extra special.


Next up was Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog with these cute heart shaped coffee biscuits filled with a coffee chocolate ganache. I am a coffee fan and as she was inspired by my coffee biscuit recipe I will have to give this incarnation a go next time.


I went for full on indulgence with my entry of a chocolate and ginger torte to celebrate my birthday. It was chocolate overload by the time it was all gone but very delicious! 


You've probably already noticed a bit of a ginger theme here from me hosting We Should Cocoa and here is another spicy entry from Claire at Under The Blue Gum Tree with this very nicely presented honey ice cream and gingerbread sandwich

Honey Ice Cream and Gingerbread Sandwich via 

A beautiful Valentine's Day themed entry here from Victoria at A Kick At The Pantry Door with this black forest cherry cake, there is also a suprise in the middle but you'll have to visit Victoria's blog to see what it is.


Another fruity entry here from Angela over at My Golden Pear with these fab little chocolate and raspberry tarts, quick and easy to make and they look stunning.


Janine from Cake Of The Week sent in these cheesecake brownies with ganache topping which sound amazing and the best thing is that they are also low fat as well so an extra piece won't hurt!


Dawn from Wild About Baking baked this chocolate courgette cake for her local Clandestine Cake Club event where the theme was hidden fruit or veg. I bet the courgette made this cake really moist and delicious.

This next entry sounds amazing, a chocolate, hazlenut and marzipan torte from Natalie at the Hungry Hinny. I'm drooling just thinking about eating it!

Chocolate, hazelnut and marzipan torte 

These chocolate topped cupcakes from Elizabeth's Kitchen are just simply stunning and beautifully presented in their little gold cases.  


Finally from Sam is a vegan entry with these vanilla bean and ganche cupcakes which sound yummy and probably quite healthy as well.


A big thank you to everyone who took part in the ganache challenge, especially those who had never made ganache before or were a bit wary of it. 

The new challenge for March is here and I hope to see lots more lovely entries.


  1. I really quite fancy some chocolate now :)

  2. Great round up, gorgeous cakes and treats here! Glad to see you back, and sending best wishes xx

  3. This is a really nice round up Jen, sorry to hear about your grandad. x

  4. Healthy and delicious combination.. Love it :)
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