Tuesday, 26 February 2013

We Should Cocoa Ginger Round Up

I'd like to say a big thank you to Choclette for letting me host We Should Cocoa this month. Chocolate and ginger is one of my favourite combinations and it looks like it is popular with lots of other people as well. There's lots of ideas here for inspiration next time I need a ginger fix in my chocolate.

First up was this very creative entry from Tandy at Lavender & Lime. Chocolate pasta with a blackcurrant and ginger sauce, I've never tried chocolate pasta before but it's something I must try.

© Chocolate Pasta With A Blackcurrant And Ginger Sauce Chocolate Pasta With A Blackcurrant And Ginger Sauce 
Next up is something more conventional but no less delicious looking with this dark chocolate and ginger loaf from Michelle at Utterly Scrummy. A perfect choice for afternoon tea or pudding.  

These ginger and chocolate gooey puddings from Cook Books Galore sound perfect for these cold winter evenings we're having at the moment. 

Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery made these cute little rhubarb, ginger and whiskey hand pies which also have Nutella in the filling. Perfect for nibbling on.  

Laura from Laura Loves Cakes made these beautiful chocolate and ginger tarts filled with chocolate ganache and topped with gold leaf to make them sparkle.

Chris from Cooking Around The World sent in these deceptively simple but delicious looking ginger marzipan chocolate pralines. I need to get some marzipan to give these a go.


Next is my entry which I made to celebrate my birthday this month and my first year of blogging. I made a very indulgent chocolate and ginger torte


Suelle from Mainly Baking made a ginger chocolate chip pound cake from a  Dan Lepard recipe. This looks like a cake I would really enjoy with the generous chunks of ginger and chocolate.


Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen went the extra mile and made her own chocolate dipped crystallised ginger and even managed to make it into heart shaped pieces. I've wanted to try making my own crystallised ginger and it looks quite easy to do.

It's a bit cold over here at the moment for ice cream but Claire at Under The Blue Gum Tree has the perfect recipe for when the sun returns with this honey ice cream and gingerbread sandwich.

Honey Ice Cream and Gingerbread Sandwich via http://underthebluegumtree.com

You can't go wrong with a muffin especially not when it has stem ginger in it like these yummy chocolate muffins with ginger from Sinnesfreuden.

Janine from Cake Of The Week had not tried ginger and chocolate together before coming up with this ginger cake with coffee chocolate ganache but she is now a convert which is good to hear.  

Dom from Belleau Kitchen got creative and made his own ginger paste to make this honey and ginger chocolate steamed pudding as he didn't have any stem ginger syrup.

Sam sent in these vegan ginger chocolate chunk scones, she said they were more like a cake in texture than a scone. They look great though. 

The Hungry Hinny Natalie made these ginger chocolate shortbread bars which look like a millionaire's shortbread but instead of the caramel layer there is a ginger icing layer instead. Can't imagine these lasting long with any ginger fan!

Ginger chocolate shortbread bars

Vanesther from Bangers and Mash went for a spicy chocolate and beetroot cake in order to take advantage of lots of beetroots in her veg boxes and flavoured it with ginger and cardamom. 

These chocolate and ginger buns from Baking In Franglais were the result of an updated version of a favourite bake and they look wonderfully simple to make. Perfect for a quick chocolate and ginger fix.

This chocolate, coconut and ginger pie from Italian Inspiration used whipped coconut milk to come up with this fantastic dessert. 
Nazima from Franglais Kitchen took advantage of pancake day for her entry with these chocolate and banana pancakes with ginger infused maple syrup.

Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Ginger Maple Syrup

Karen from Lavender & Lovage got creative when having a clear out of the pantry to come up with this chocolate paradise bread and butter pudding using pineapple, banana, chocolate chips and ginger marmalade.
The Weekend Pudding Club: Chocolate Paradise Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe 

These chocolate ginger cookies from Nutty Tart pack an extra punch as they also contain a pinch of cayenne pepper, excellent with a cuppa after coming in from the cold.

Chocolate Ginger Cookies 

Another vegan entry here from Shaheen at Allotment 2 Kitchen with this vegan chocolate gingerbread cake. Apparently so good the taster scraped the parchment clean, definitely one to try then!


Next we have the entry from Choclette, one of the bloggers who started the We Should Cocoa challenge. She made a ginger and lime cake with lime curd and whipped ganache for her local Clandestine Cake Club gathering.

Janice from Farmers Girl Kitchen made this chocolate gingerbread cake for her son's birthday and added cinnamon buttercream and crystallised ginger to a Nigella Lawson cake recipe. 


These pretty little biscuits from The Spice Garden are chocolate ginger sandwiches with apple ginger cream filling and they sound divine. 

Lucy at the Kitchen Maid came up with these chocolate ginger lychees. I don't think I've ever tried lychees before and I'm sure I'm missing out as these look great.


Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves sent in these chocolate and ginger macarons as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations with her housemates.  

A very Chinese dessert.  Ahem. 

Caroline from Caroline Makes made these very tasty looking chocolate and ginger oaty cookies for her Grandad's birthday this month, I'm sure he will have enjoyed them. 


Craig from The Usual Saucepans came up with these chocolate and ginger buns to take advantage of a bar of chocolate that was hiding in the back of the cupboard.

Dark Chocolate and Ginger Cakes 

More ginger and chocolate oat cookies here from Ros at The More Than Occasional Baker, you'll notice that they are very similar to Caroline's post, proof that great minds really do think alike!


Laura at How To Cook Good Food made these delightful little ginger and walnut banoffee pots and picked up the tips on presentation after attending a cookery masterclass. 


Next we have this ginger and cardamom tea bread from Lapin d'Or, I just love the chunks of ginger and chocolate in this cake.

Caroline from Cake Crumbs & Cooking also went for cookies and made these ginger chocolate chewy cookies which would be perfect with a cup of tea.


And finally last but not least we have this ginger preserve and chocolate cake from Jibber Jabber to use up a jar of ginger preserves given to her by her Mum that she wanted to use up.


A big thank you to everyone who entered this month. There's so many good ideas here for combining ginger and chocolate. Don't forget to check the We Should Cocoa page to see what the new challenge for March is. 


  1. excellent round-up... what a lot of fabulous chocolate and ginger recipes... imagine the FEAST we'd have!

  2. Great roundup. As a "ginger" who loves chocolate I'm kicking myself that I didn't get myself organised to take part. I'll definitely be trying out some of these lovelies though

  3. This is a fabulous round-up indeed. I do love ginger and chocolate and now find myself in heaven. My biggest problem is which one do I try first? Thank you so much for hosting We Should Cocoa and for doing such a splendid job :D

  4. A fantastic selection of recipes - I want to get baking now!!

  5. That's fantastic, what a brilliant collection of chocolate and ginger recipes. A few I will definitely be bookmarked to make later.

  6. Lots of wonderful chocolate ginger delights, wish I could try each one of them. Thank you so much for hosting a mammoth edition of Wscc

  7. Is there a link to Sam's vegan scones, or have they not come from a blog? I've been trying to leave a comment on all of the entries.

    1. No as she doesn't have a blog, she did give me the link to the recipe she used though which is here



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