Thursday, 21 February 2013

How Do You Use Up Your Leftovers From A Roast Dinner?

The title of this post says it all really. After cooking a delicious 2kg leg of lamb on Sunday I asked the lovely people who follow me on Twitter if they would be interested in me posting some ideas on how to use up the leftover meat. I got quite a good response with people wanting some more ideas to use up the meat other than shepherd's pie. I'll be writing a couple of separate posts over the next week or so with some recipe ideas and a round up of everything that I made with the leftover lamb. I don't cook a roast dinner very often as it seems like a lot of effort and makes a lot of washing up for 2 people. In fact this is the first roast I've cooked this year. I'm sure my boyfriend would like me to cook them more often but it's rare that he has the day off on a Sunday and it just doesn't seem the same eating it on a different day of the week. You might think that 2kg is a big piece of meat for 2 people and of course it is but I think it works out as quite an economical way of buying meat. Every time we have roast lamb which is usually 2 or 3 times a year I buy the biggest joint we can afford. This time the leg of lamb cost around £12 from the supermarket and I should be able to get around 14 portions from it, maybe even a little bit more depending on how much I can pull off the bone when I boil it up to make stew. I tend to bulk out the dishes that I create with the leftover meat with extra vegetables or pulses.

I like to stud my lamb with slivers of garlic and fresh rosemary before roasting as it gives a great flavour to the meat

What I want to do with this post is to ask people to contribute their ideas for using up the leftover meat from a roast dinner. In light of the recent food scandals in the UK I've seen people questioning whether or not meat should be considered more of a luxury item and how much we should be paying for it. If we are to pay more for meat then it makes sense to be able to get the most out of it. For example when all the easily accessible meat has been picked off a chicken carcass I boil it up to make stew and pick over the bones to get the last few pieces of meat.

I've set up a linky here and it would be great if you could contribute some ideas. I'm going to keep it open for the rest of the year so that there will be a growing resource to inspire everyone on how to get the most from their roast dinners. I've also added a blog hop code as well so please feel free to add the code to your blog and spread the word. Just click on 'get the inlinkz code' to add to your blog if you want to. Unlike other blog challenges/events there's no specific rules, you can add old posts if you want to just update them with a link back to this post please. There are other challenges such as Credit Crunch Munch and the No Waste Leftovers Challenge which run on a monthly basis and I hope that this collection of ideas will be a complement to them.  To get started I've added a couple of my older posts from last year.

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  1. With leftover lamb I ALWAYS make meatballs 'cos it's what my mum used to make and I get nostalgic for them. She always served them with a sauce of Campbell's condensed tomato soup though. I tried that on the OH a few years ago and he was horrified so now I have to make a "posh" version with passata and mascarpone!

  2. We tend to look forward to leftover roast now that we've found a tasty recipe to use it in. I look forward to seeing what others come up with!

  3. I realize this post is old, although thought this worth posting for anyone who can benefit! I found you through the Food Blog Diary. :)

    I recently used leftover elk roast in a Zenful Five Spice Soup that I made on New Years! I absolutely LOVED it and it is on my top favorite soups lists now! :) I loved it so much that I posted it on my blog!


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