Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Classic French January Round Up

There were 10 brave people this month including myself who took on the soufflé challenge and I think we all deserve a pat on the back for rising to the challenge, yes I made a bad pun, someone had to. Whilst not the most time consuming dish to make, soufflés have the added anxiety that makes you watch the oven nervously to see if they're going to rise. Then if they've risen nicely you have to serve them quite quickly so everyone can see them standing tall and proud above the ramekins. By the time we got to eat ours they had sunk because I spent too long taking photos but they were still light and airy inside. 

First up from Caroline Makes were these herbed cheese and bacon soufflés that she made for a romantic New Year's Eve dinner

Next were these banana souffles served with a chocolate custard from Turquoise Lemons, a good way to use up ripe fruit and she made custard with the yolks leftover from the souffles


Time for another fruity souffle, this time it's pear souffles from My Golden Pear served in a pretty pink mug. Angela hadn't made souffles for years so I'm glad she plucked up the courage to try again.

Now it's time for the first of the chocolate souffles with these hot chocolate souffles from Self Raising Flower. She'd never tried them before but it looks like they turned out well although she was disappointed by the taste.

A classic flavour combination here with these honey and lemon souffles from Bake To Your Heart's Content with some useful tips on how to bake a good souffle.

Next up was my entry. I was sent some coffee and amaretto syrup from Whittards to try and I wanted to make something a bit different so I made coffee and amaretto souffles and served them with vanilla coffee biscuit spoons.

The second chocolate souffle entry here from Farmers Girl Kitchen which she found easy to make and used it as an excuse to review a new brand of cocoa powder.

A savoury entry here with these ham and cheese souffles from I Cook With Butter, another person who had never tried baking them before but again she found them quite easy.


Third and final chocolate entry from Under The Blue Gum Tree with these chocolate and raspberry souffles served with lavender mascarpone cream, I'm drooling already as I am a big fan of lavender and this sounds like a fantastic combination. 

Chocolate & Raspberry Souffles with Lavender Mascarpone Cream via

Finally Sarah from Maison Cupcake snuck these goats cheese and thyme souffles in at the last moment. She's posted a handy step by step guide as well if you feel inspired to give souffles a go after seeing all these wonderful creations.

A big thank you to everyone who entered. Come back on Friday to see what the challenge for February is.


  1. I'm impressed, they all look well risen and very tempting. I've never made a soufflé, but my mother used to make a wicked cheese one when I was young. Love your spoons.

  2. They really all do look amazing - that's a great challenge to have set! I'll look out for Feb x


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