Saturday, 1 December 2012

Classic French November Round Up

Not many entries for the crème brûlée challenge, I made mine but didn't get round to blogging it in time because I've not been overly well for the past week or so and just wasn't feeling up to writing about food. I was also a bit disappointed with how my crème brûlée turned out, more about this at the end of the round up.

First up was an entry from Tandy over at Lavender & Lime who served her crème brûlée with figs in a pomegranate concentrate

The second entry came from Claire at Under The Blue Gum Tree with her Amarula and chocolate crème brûlée, I love how she got the two custards side by side like this. 

The third entry just snuck in a teeny bit late but it sounds so good that I have to let it in. Sinnesfreuden made a lavender infused crème brûlée, can't get much more French than that.

Finally my crème brûlée which I was a bit disappointed with and sadly there is no blog post for this one, I just made the basic vanilla recipe which tasted fantastic however the texture wasn't right. The custard didn't quite set and after caramelising the top under the grill the top layer of custard also went hard and a bit grainy. I think this might be justification for investing in a blow torch. The custard also kind of seeped up through under the sugar and the overall finish wasn't very attractive. I did use cream that I had frozen and defrosted so I'm not sure if that was to blame, or if I didn't cook the custards properly, or if my grill is just crappy.

The December challenged will be announced later this evening so check back later to find out what it is.

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  1. Mmm, mmm, love the sound of a lavender creme brûlée especially as I am never short of home-grown lavender. Definitely will have to give that a go.
    You might be interested in Felicity Cloake's column in the Guardian on creme brûlée
    She had problems with the Larousse recipe too.....


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